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New Engineering Center, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

New Engineering Center, Oakland University

New Engineering Center, Oakland University

Another dull gray day here in wintery Michigan.  Snowiest January on record.  I’ve been trying for weeks to get over to Oakland University and get some progress photos of some construction they have going on.

At least it was warm enough (above 0) to get a flight in.  Temps have been hovering around 0 and wind chills have been 20-30 below!  Temp today was 28, it felt downright balmy.


Oakland University Lower Fields, Rochester, MI

Oakland University Campus Aerial Pano from Lower fields.

Panoramic Aerial photo of Oakland University Campus from Lower fields.

Wow. Seems like it’s been forever, almost a week since I’ve been able to get back in the air and get some photos.
Winds have been crazy here all week, with wind chills in the 25-30 below range.

Today the weather was actually 32 degrees, relatively low winds, yet totally gray skies. :-( Anyhow, it was good to get out.

DJI Phantom 2 Maiden flight

Yesterday I got a new DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. The Phantom 2 is a redesigned housing from the Phantom 1, which allows it to carry a much larger battery.  Flight times are spec’d at 25 minutes, a bit shorter when carrying a camera, which is always with me.   Compared to the 8 minutes I’d get on the Phantom 1, this is fantastic.

One other feature I’m SUPER excited about besides the flight time is the waterproof hardshell carrying case I got for it. Everything; quadcopter, props, camera, batteries, chargers, LCD video screen, tools, EVERYTHING, I need fits inside this hardshell protective case. This makes traveling with it soooo much easier, and keeps it safe. The size of this case is even airlines carry on legal. :-)

Once again I got it all from UAVProducts.com. Great, great, great people to deal with. UAVProductsLogosm

Here is a shot of everything in the case ready to go.



I set it up last night, and took it for it’s maiden flight in the basement about 1 AM, as expected, all was good.  I planned to get up this morning and take it for a spin outside.  Of course when I woke up, it was snowing, and continued to snow all day.  Finally about 2:30 PM, I’d had enough and took it out for a quick spin up and down the street while it was still snowing.

Airtemp 9, windchill 2.


Here’s a quick selfie.



And here’s a quick video of the maiden flight in the snow.

River Bend Park, Rochester Hills, MI


River Bend Park has been a little place on the north side of Hamlin road just east of Adams for a long time. Recently there was an initiative to provide some updates to park.

Most people would never know there was a park there, but you may have driven past and seen a few cars parked on a little cement patch on the side of the road. Well, that’s the place.

The first phase of the project is expected to include a new entrance road, parking area, pathways and restrooms.

I stopped by today to take a peek as I’ve seen some bulldozers moving around in there.

Oh yeah, another really cold day. Air temp 10, windchill -3.

Meadow Brook Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI


Here is a photo of Meadow Brook Hall on the eastern campus of Oakland University where you can see west campus in the background.
We have been having some VERY cold spells here this winter. At least we had some sun and low winds this morning.

Airtemp was -7. It was a quick flight. :-)