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Michigan Central Station, Milliken Light House, Detroit, MI


Took a ride to downtown Detroit today, stopped at Michigan Central Station. What a neat building. You can see it real well when heading north up I-75 from south of Detroit. It must have been something when it was used. Now all the windows are busted out and it’s all fenced off.

After visiting the MCS, we headed down by the water, east of the Ren Cen we happened upon Milliken State Park. I had no idea this park existed. There is a park area, and a marina, and a very cool little light house.


A bit chilly out (41), but not a bad day for November 3rd.

Shadow Woods woods video

This was a quick video flight from the woods at the end of my street. Woods at the end of your street? Yep, I’m very fortunate that 4 houses down from me is a 12 acre wooded section right in my subdivision.

Nice trails, I love it, and so do my dogs. You can see the trails we walk in the video.