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River Bend Park, Rochester Hills, MI


River Bend Park has been a little place on the north side of Hamlin road just east of Adams for a long time. Recently there was an initiative to provide some updates to park.

Most people would never know there was a park there, but you may have driven past and seen a few cars parked on a little cement patch on the side of the road. Well, that’s the place.

The first phase of the project is expected to include a new entrance road, parking area, pathways and restrooms.

I stopped by today to take a peek as I’ve seen some bulldozers moving around in there.

Oh yeah, another really cold day. Air temp 10, windchill -3.

Office Construction, Cross Creek Parkway, Auburn Hills, MI


There’s a new office building going up off of Cross Creek Parkway in Auburn Hills. This used to be a giant empty field for about 15 years. I’ve come to this field many times to fly as it is close to work and always empty. It was a favorite lunch time flying spot which is now gone. This place is just north of the Chrysler Tech Center which you can see in the background.

Meadow Brook Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI


Here is a photo of Meadow Brook Hall on the eastern campus of Oakland University where you can see west campus in the background.
We have been having some VERY cold spells here this winter. At least we had some sun and low winds this morning.

Airtemp was -7. It was a quick flight. :-)

Rochester Municipal Park, Rochester, MI




These photos and videos were shot at Rochester Municipal Park, in downtown Rochester, just behind the police station.

Even with the sun out today, it was PAINFULLY cold.  Air temp of 12, windchill of 0. Most of the river was frozen except by this “rapids” section.