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Shadow Woods Woods, Rochester Hills, MI

Pano of Shadow Woods Woods.

Pano in the 12 acre woods at the end of my street. We love walking the dogs here.

Blue skies, 30 degrees (Yep, 30) and relatively low winds.  Felt good to get some sun and not have it be 10 below.  Plus the days are getting longer.  Shot this one on the way home from work today.  If you look closely about 1/4th the way from the left of photo, right in the middle of the snow, it looks like someone was building a snow fort/igloo.  I didn’t even notice it when I was out there the sun was so bright on the snow.  Caught it while looking at the photos.

Pine Trace Golf Club, Rochester Hills, MI

Pine Trace Golf Club

Aerial Pano of Pine Trace Golf Club.

Wow, eight days since I’ve been in the air.  That’s Michigan winter.  Actually a quick 5 minute flight today at lunch at Pine Trace Golf Club.  The sun was out, so I had to go up.  Air temp was 13, windchill was 4.

Elliott Carillon Tower, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

DJI Phantom II Quadcopter Aerial Photo Gopro Aerial photo of Elliott Carillon Tower

Elliott Carillon Tower @ Oakland University Campus.

Here’s a sunset photo of the new Elliot Carillon Tower being constructed on the center of Oakland University’s campus.

Beautiful bluebird day, first one in a long time. 20 degrees at flight time.

Meadowbrook Hall, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! The sun came out today. Not sure I can recall the last time I saw it. Crisp morning, but felt good with the sun. 12 degrees at flight time, but ZERO wind! Look at the steam coming out of the chimney. Straight up! I really can’t remember the last time we had zero winds either.

Anyhow, here’s some video from Meadowbrook Hall on the campus of Oakland University.