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Chrysler Tech Center, Auburn Hills, MI


Great sunset on a nice fall evening at the Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology center.  This is an impressive building, and even more so from the air.  At 5.4 million square feet, the Chrysler Group complex is second-largest building in the U.S. in floor space (all under one roof). Only the Pentagon is larger.


Hyannis Port, Massachusetts



We took a GART (Great American Road Trip) to Boston this summer. Oldest daughter was moving there for Grad school, so we went out there to help find an apartment. It was an awesome trip. Boston is such a great place (lob-ster rolls… lob-ster rolls…), quite different from towns and cities we are used to around here. There, people actually live in the city, so there are people everywhere, and they have mass transit. (Subway!)

Anyhow since we were so close, we headed out to Cape Cod for the day, and ended up stopping in Hyannis Port, which is just around the corner from the “Kennedy Compound”.

It was quite hot, upper 80′s.