Memorial day, cottage, Harrison, MI



Memorial day at the cottage!  Woohoo, it’s like the start of summer.  Usually it means opening weekend for the cottage, (i.e. lot’s of work, putting in the dock, boats, etc…).  This year we had opened before memorial day, so we could actually enjoy this weekend.  I hopped on the pontoon and header over to the peninsula that sticks out into our chain of 5 lakes.  Beached the pontoon there and went up for a flight. Love summers at the cottage…

Wayne State University Softball, Detroit, MI



My step-daughter plays softball for Wayne State University, so this means lots of time is spent down there watching double headers in the spring.  My son and I need stuff to do between games, or heck sometimes even during games as in this photo.  So I usually bring the quad down and we take it for a spin if the weather is nice.  Here is a shot of their softball field with a game in progress, you can also see the football stadium in the background.

Views from above…