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Shadow Woods woods video

This was a quick video flight from the woods at the end of my street. Woods at the end of your street? Yep, I’m very fortunate that 4 houses down from me is a 12 acre wooded section right in my subdivision.

Nice trails, I love it, and so do my dogs. You can see the trails we walk in the video.

Corn Field, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Shot this video of a corn field in Mt. Pleasant, MI. We were up at the cottage, and it was my birthday. We headed down to Mt. Pleasant for a birthday dinner at Red Lobster. After dinner as we were heading back I noticed a tall corn field on the side of the road. Who doesn’t like corn?

12 Mile training run, Clare, MI

My wife is training for the Detroit Marathon, Saturdays mean long runs. Somewhere between 8-20 mile runs. This weeks was a 12 mile run.

Since were up at the cottage in the summer, she has to find somewhere to do these runs that is not a 2 mile loop so she doesn’t go stir crazy.

This run is along the PERE MARQUETTE RAIL-TRAIL on a section between Clare and Loomis.