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Street Hop after Snow, Rochester Hills, MI

We ended up getting another 5 inches of all day snow on Saturday, temps had really warmed up to around 30. Got up Sunday, cleared the snow and decided to take the Phantom for a quick hop around the patch. Flight temp was around 25.

DJI Phantom 2 Maiden flight

Yesterday I got a new DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. The Phantom 2 is a redesigned housing from the Phantom 1, which allows it to carry a much larger battery.  Flight times are spec’d at 25 minutes, a bit shorter when carrying a camera, which is always with me.   Compared to the 8 minutes I’d get on the Phantom 1, this is fantastic.

One other feature I’m SUPER excited about besides the flight time is the waterproof hardshell carrying case I got for it. Everything; quadcopter, props, camera, batteries, chargers, LCD video screen, tools, EVERYTHING, I need fits inside this hardshell protective case. This makes traveling with it soooo much easier, and keeps it safe. The size of this case is even airlines carry on legal. :-)

Once again I got it all from Great, great, great people to deal with. UAVProductsLogosm

Here is a shot of everything in the case ready to go.



I set it up last night, and took it for it’s maiden flight in the basement about 1 AM, as expected, all was good.  I planned to get up this morning and take it for a spin outside.  Of course when I woke up, it was snowing, and continued to snow all day.  Finally about 2:30 PM, I’d had enough and took it out for a quick spin up and down the street while it was still snowing.

Airtemp 9, windchill 2.


Here’s a quick selfie.



And here’s a quick video of the maiden flight in the snow.

Winter Snow Storm, Rochester Hills, MI

14+" Snowstorm

Well finally the weathermen got it right.  We have not had a good snowstorm in many years, if I had to guess, I’d say at least ten years.  They were calling for a good one and we got 14+ inches.

And here’s a bit of video.