Wayne State Aerial Pano

Been some time since I’ve had anything worth posting.

Here is a spherical pano of Wayne State from above their softball stadium. It is an interactive pano that you can drag around with your mouse and zoom in and out with.

Here it is, followed with some BTS (Behind The Scenes) on how I was able to make this.


So, how was it done?

DJI Phantom II Quadcopter with a GoPro Hero 3 camera on it. The camera was running in time-lapse mode which means it took a picture every 2 seconds.

So I went up to about 60 meters, let it take a few picts, then rotate the quad about 45 degrees, stop, let it take a few pictures, then repeat this until it gets all the way around the 360 degrees.

Take the best of the pictures and stitch them using PTGUI.

Here is what came out of the initial stitch.


Because I was using a GoPro in landscape orientation, notice the black bars at the top and bottom of the picture.

To get rid of them we need to do two things. Replace the sky, and patch the bottom.

Here we used Photoshop to replace the sky.


Next we still have the black bars on the bottom. So we use PTGUI to do a numerical transformation and rotate -90 around pitch and we get this.


Next we take this image into photoshop and patch/clone/replace the hole so we have this.


Next we stick it back into PTGUI and do a numerical transform of +90 degrees on pitch and we end up with this. Note all the top and bottom black bars are gone, so we end up with an perfect equirectangular image.


Now that we have a perfect equirectangular image, we can then use PTGUI or Pano2VR to output the .mov file that you can pan around in.

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